Michael Kontras, Owner



Michael started his creative path in his teens as a musician, singer and songwriter. Over the years, he’s recorded nearly 100 songs personally, performed on national and local television, and worked with some of the best talent this country has to offer. You can learn more about him at www.MichaelKontras.com.

From there, it was no stretch to move into audio and video production along with graphic design, thereby creating Studio Artists. We offer a wide variety of services which provides our clients with endless possibilities for their projects. Our hourly rate is $39.95 for all services and travel time. The one exception is Analog-to-Digital transfers. The hourly rate for this service, with no editing, is $29.95.



  • Family Videos

  • Product Videos

  • Websites

  • Green Screen Services

  • Analog-to-Digital

  • Audio Production

  • Graphics

  • Voice Overs