Video & Audio



This is the fastest growing service we provide. In the last several years, the demand for excellent video has increased at a record pace. Businesses, entrepreneurs, musical artists and families are all turning to video because the creativity is limitless. We assemble all the elements brought by the client into a well-structured project that precisely speaks to their needs. We also compose and record* the music**, and add dialogue if desired, to complete the process.

*Using pre-recorded music written by others may create copyright issues.

**All music written by anyone at Studio Artists is not a “work for hire” for a particular project. It is instead used by permission. The composers maintain ownership of the music.



Audio recording was our first passion. Nothing says creativity like original music and lyrics. Working with singer/songwriters is always a very special time in the studio. We work closely with the artist to make sure the end product is exactly what they envisioned. Like all the other services we provide: we have not accomplished our goal until the client is completely satisfied.



You have all this great history of your family, friends, sports and vacations. But you can’t watch any of it because all these events are on VHS tapes. We can create digital files of these memories so that you can enjoy them for years to come.

Do you have favorite audio cassettes and vinyl records that you just can’t part with because of the great memories they trigger? Let us transfer these precious moments to digital files that can be heard anywhere, anytime.