Websites & Graphics



Businesses need every promotional tool available. We can build your website, create the graphics, design your logo, and maintain it all. We can also build a social presence for you on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. As the saying goes, “Leave no stone unturned.”




Posters, brochures, pamphlets and flyers are all very important when trying to attract new customers. For businesses, it’s pocket folders with printed material left with the buyer. For artists, it’s not just a package of material, it’s likely also a CD of music for the buyer. Therefore, the information that stays with these potential customers has to be carefully targeted and well scripted. Working with our clients, we make sure these goals are met and at the same time, add real creativity to the project.



We have been in the music business for decades. With this experience in our pocket, we are able to develop entire campaigns for promoting bands and solo artists. Logos, posters, business cards, banners, flyers, info sheets and newsletters all designed to get the artist’s name and product out to the public. The more the name is heard - the more the artist is heard. And that’s the whole idea! Add to this having the ability to build a website and create a social presence makes for the complete package.